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As one of URUK Engineering Consultants core services we strive to offer a high-level of expertise within the plumbing engineering discipline. We have a team of engineers, many of whom are certified or licensed  ASHRAE and NFPA or a combination of the two.  Our plumbing engineers design with a “whole building” approach and are instrumental in influencing high water efficiency, energy, fire protection, pollution systems and a sustainable site. We are able to provide assessments, recommend alternatives, and thus provide high-functioning systems that meet the client’s very specific individual need as well as assisting in conserving natural resources.

Our expertise covers a wide variety of plumbing design including:

  • Commercial waste and vent systems.
  • Commercial domestic water and hot water systems.
  • Central domestic water heating plant design.
  • Storm water systems.
  • Storm water pre-treatment systems.
  • Commercial plumbing systems design.
  • Grease waste systems.
  • Sump pump/sewage ejector/lift station design.
  • Compressed air equipment and piping design.
  • Natural gas piping systems.